The Roman cycleway in the Upper Rhine region

Bet­ween the first and fifth cen­tu­ries AD, a lar­ge part of sou­thwest Ger­ma­ny belon­ged to the Roman Empi­re. Today the­re are still many remains to be found in the Upper Rhi­ne regi­on from this peri­od of Roman rule.
The most important Roman sites bet­ween Grenz­ach-Wyh­len and Offen­burg are now con­nec­ted by a 200 km cycle­way which can be cycled in eit­her direc­tion. Along the cycle­way, you can visit many inte­res­ting muse­ums with ori­gi­nal arte­facts from Roman ever­y­day life and dis­co­ver Roman ruins being still visi­ble to this day.

Join us on an excur­si­on back to Roman times through one of the most beau­ti­ful regi­ons of the Upper Rhine!