Roman ser­vice area

Around 50 AD when the Roman long-distance rou­te from Basel to Mainz was built, a lar­ge ser­vice area was estab­lished near­by Hoh­berg-Nie­der­schopf­heim. During excava­tions from 1978 to 1981 remains of a stone buil­ding (dimen­si­on: 40 x 45 m) with a patio were found. This cour­ty­ard was sur­roun­ded by living and guest rooms which were even equip­ped and deco­ra­ted with mural pain­tings and flo­or mosaics, with bath rooms, sto­rage cel­lars, sta­bles for draft ani­mals and a for­ge as gara­ge for car­ri­a­ges. The stone buil­ding had been des­troy­ed around 180 AD and recon­s­truc­ted as smal­ler half-tim­be­red house.