Roman iron smelting

In the district of Schli­en­gen many Roman colo­nies are docu­men­ted, but only few are stu­di­ed during exca­va­ti­on works. Clo­se to the “Altin­ger Stol­len” remains of a Roman buil­ding and slag of the for­mer iron smel­ting were dis­co­ve­r­ed. Pro­bab­ly, the­re was a Roman esta­te smel­ting the local bean ore. Next to Liel remains of a fur­nace oven, dated to the Cel­tic and Roman times, were exca­va­ted. In the South of Schli­en­gen, strict­ly spea­king in the land par­cel “Ober­ried”, a Roman foun­tain was found. Fur­ther­mo­re, the­re are Roman fin­dings in the South of the rail­way sta­ti­on in the par­cels “Rie­se” and “Hütt­ling”.