Bad Bellingen

Roman mining of iron ores

In the sou­thern Mark­gräf­ler­land bet­ween Schli­en­gen, Liel and Her­tin­gen the­re are depo­sits of bean ore which have been exploi­ted and smelt sin­ce the 19th cen­tu­ry. Bean ores are iron ores no big­ger than a fist, extrac­ted in open-cast mines and in small gal­le­ries. In Her­tin­gen, during the exca­va­ti­on of a Roman esta­te, remains of a smel­ting fur­nace for bean ores were dis­co­ve­r­ed. It is assu­med that iron smel­ting was the main source of inco­me for the peop­le living on this Roman esta­te. In the forest in the East of Her­tin­gen deep cra­ters and slag heaps are visi­ble. The­se are still wit­nes­ses to the for­mer bean ore mining.

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