The town hall is a late Baro­que buil­ding con struc­ted in 1768. Later the gab­led faça­de was deco­ra­ted with clin­ker brinks in the neo-Renais­sance style. A cha­pel being dedi­ca­ted to Saint Mar­ga­re­the and loca­ted clo­se to the town hall, is the oldest monu­ment of Her­bolz­heim and a his­to­ri­cal gem after the com­ple­ti­on of the res­to­ra­ti­on works. In the cha­pel, you can see remains of many dif­fe­rent sty­listic epochs: from the roman­tic archi­tec­tu­ral style to the Baro­que. In the area of the for­mer linen wea­ver “Kuen­zer” the old admi­nis­tra­ti­on buil­ding was rebuilt and is used today as an arts and leisu­re cent­re. In this cent­re which is cal­led “Tor­haus”, you can find the tou­rist infor­ma­ti­on cent­re, the wed­ding cham­ber, the libra­ry, exhi­bi­ti­on and event rooms.