Sasbach a. K.


On the Lim­berg, 2 km down­stream from Spon­eck in the vil­la­ge of Sas­bach, you will find an inte­res­ting sci­en­ti­fic edu­ca­tio­nal trail with infor­ma­ti­on on the geo­lo­gy, histo­ry, natu­re and vini­cul­tu­re of the area as well as the Rhi­ne strai­gh­tening etc. on dis­play panels. The Celts had alrea­dy for­ti­fied the high pla­teau with a defen­si­ve wall that is still visi­ble today. Later, the Romans erec­ted a camp for­ti­fied by pali­sa­des. This ele­va­ted place allo­wed eye con­ta­ct with the Roman legi­on in Stras­bourg. Insi­de the fort, traces of lar­ge sup­plies have been found. So it seems that it was not only of stra­te­gic signi­fi­can­ce, but also had a sup­ply function.