Roman ser­vice area

Along the Roman long-distance rou­te from Basel to Mainz a Roman ser­vice area had been estab­lis­hed near­by Frie­sen­heim around 50 AD. During exca­va­tions from 1973 to 1977 the long-distance rou­te having a width of 5.5 m, a resi­den­ti­al buil­ding with a spa and a foun­tain, a resi­den­ti­al buil­ding with a fire­place as well as three half-tim­be­red houses that had pres­um­a­b­ly ser­ved as barns. At this site tra­vel­lers had found accom­mo­da­ti­on, food for them­sel­ves and their draft ani­mals, sta­bles and barns as well as a gara­ge for their car­ria­ge. Fur­ther­mo­re, the­re was a small temp­le for the God­dess Dia­na Abno­ba. She was the God­dess of the Black Forest and of the hunting.