Late Roman Fort Sponeck

The famous land­mark of Jecht­in­gen is the medi­eval tower of Fort Spon­eck. Appro­xi­mate­ly 40 years ago, a late Roman fort was exca­va­ted here. Today, this is the only place bet­ween Basel and Mann­heim whe­re you can visit a for­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of late Roman times. Befo­re the strai­gh­tening of the Rhi­ne car­ri­ed out by the engi­neer Tul­la in the 19th cen­tu­ry, the fort was loca­ted direct­ly on the bank of the Rhi­ne. In Roman times it pres­um­a­b­ly ser­ved as a for­ti­fied port for the Roman war fleet and to secu­re the Rhi­ne cros­sing at this point. The fort, inclu­ding the gar­den with modern con­cre­te art sculp­tures, is pri­va­te­ly owned, but usual­ly open to the public.

Burg Spon­eck


In der Regel ist der Gar­ten mit den römi­schen Mau­ern tags­über frei zugänglich

Tag der offe­nen Tür: jeweils am 1. Mai und am Tag des offe­nen Denk­mals (2. Sonn­tag im Sep­tem­ber) dann kann auch der Turm bestie­gen werden

Burg Spon­eck 1
79361 Sasbach-Jechtingen